North Hall High School | 4885 Mount Vernon Road, Gainesville , GA

General Information



Mission Statement

The mission of the North Hall Jr. Trojan wrestling program is to develop wrestlers to compete for North Hall High School by teaching them the basic skills and techniques needed to be successful at the highest levels, as well as fostering a love for the sport in these young athletes.

Team Organization

Wrestlers will be split into 3 groups for training purposes.  Wrestlers can move groups based on attendance and performance, but can only be placed by a coach.  This help our coaching staff make sure each kid gets the type of practice they need.

Beginners (Primarily 6U)

The Beginners group will focus on learning basic movement patterns, such as stance and motion, level change, sprawl defense, and riding from the top. These movement patterns will primarily be developed through high paced skill based games.  Some 8U kids that struggle with staying focused in a technique oriented practice will be included in this group.


The Intermediate group will be primarily first year wrestlers who are old enough and have adequate focus for a technique based practice.  These wrestlers will begin learning basic skills and techniques.


The Advanced group will be composed of wrestlers who are proficient in the basic skills and techniques of wrestling; furthermore, wrestlers in this group must have adequate competition experience and must attend practice and tournaments regularly.  Those that fail to compete or attend practices regularly will be moved to the intermediate group.