North Hall High School | 4885 Mount Vernon Road, Gainesville , GA

Welcome To North Hall Wreslting

imageMy name is David Nichols and I am the varsity head wrestling coach at North Hall High School. I am very passionate about the sport of wrestling, and very thankful for the opportunity to positively influence the lives of young people each day.

North Hall wrestling is Pride! The efforts of many people have yielded a program full of success, and I am very grateful be a part of such a great organization. It is my desire to continue to grow this great tradition, and create a new standard of excellence within the North Hall wrestling program.

Although I do not believe that winning is everything, I firmly believe that giving your absolute best effort in the pursuit of victory is everything. While many believe that doing the right thing and winning do not always go hand in hand, I firmly believe that to consistently win over time and end your legacy with dignity and pride, you must do the right thing all the time. While there are certainly some unethical choices that will lead to success in the short term, one cannot sustain a high level of achievement over long periods of time without following the natural laws of positive human interaction. Long term success requires a strong-persistent work ethic, combined with the ability to empathize and treat other people fairly.

Establishing a culture of excellence within our program will not be an easy task and will require the very best effort of all involved. However, I assure you that the special memories your child will make, and the person they will become, is well worth the effort. I look forward to working with each of you as we establish a new standard in excellence through the North Hall Wrestling Program.

David Nichols
Head Varsity Wrestling Coach
North Hall High School