North Hall High School | 4885 Mount Vernon Road, Gainesville , GA

Core Values

Core Values

1.  Work hard everyday.

2.  Live with integrity.

3.  Love other people.


Guiding Principles for Success

North Hall Wrestling Mission Statement

The mission of the coaches, parents, and boosters is to support our kids in their pursuit of the perfect effort.

Guiding Principles for Pursuing a Perfect Effort

  1. Set high expectations
  2. Be committed to action
  3. Respond positively to adversity

Setting High Expectations

  1. Individual Excellence: State and National Championships
  2. Team Excellence: State and Ironman Championships


Be Committed to Action

We will take advantage of every opportunity afforded to us to reach the expectations we set for our Program.

Respond Positively to Adversity

When we encounter obstacles to achieving our expectations, we will respond in only ways that continue to move us forward.  This is the most difficult of the three guiding principles, and our ability to remain positive in the face of adversity will ultimately determine the future of our program.